EDITORIAL: People laughed when I said they can buy their community a strong, green, fair economy for $1490. But then they read this.

University of Southern Mississippi receives $7.62 million to advance restoration of state’s oyster-based economy and ecosystems

“Rebuild Illinois” fast-tracks $40 million into infrastructure renewal & Opportunity Zones to boost jobs and community revitalization

Resilient Infrastructure Renewal: $30 million Reconstruction of NYC pumping station earns “sustainable infrastructure” award

$1.8 million in EPA Coastal Restoration Grants to create jobs that boost climate resilience in Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Farmer-led rural revitalization wins major funding to restore biodiversity, mitigate climate change and boost quality of life

This historic, 1890 public archives building has been beautifully restored, renovated and expanded for another century of service

This wasted rooftop space was repurposed as an educational urban farm, producing 20 tons (80,000 meals) of organic food annually

Architects use “reductive construction” to transform vacant industrial building into revitalizing multi-level urban garden / park

Great Lakes wetland restoration research to discover better ways to reverse the decline of endangered fish and freshwater mussels

Oysters and Chips! University researchers discover secret ingredient for accelerating oyster reef restoration: potato chips

Lansing, Michigan residents support U-Haul’s repurposing and green revitalization of abandoned Kmart, saving it from demolition

Massachusetts communities receive $798,500 to boost flood resilience via four dam removal and ecological restoration projects

Resilient Recovery: Quebec puts $637.8 million into renewing green infrastructure to rebuild their economy from COVID-19 crisis

Industrial region receives major funding for mixed-use redevelopment of dead college campus to boost COVID-19 economic recovery

140 New York businesses in Lake Ontario shoreline communities get $17 million to boost restoration and resilience efforts

With Lake Ontario’s waters rising, this $2.67 million project will boost the resilience of a New York state park, and a town’s economy

Pennsylvania’s restoration economy: New $64.8 billion, 12-year plan for multimodal transportation infrastructure renewal

Climate Restoration: Cities and corporations in U.S. join global One Trillion Trees movement by pledging to plant 855 million trees

Five resource-efficient projects that revitalize greener, more-resilient economies and societies while restoring natural capital

Beautiful, 109-year-old building in downtown Baltimore, Maryland receives $8.7 million to be renovated & repurposed as 116-room hotel

Climate restoration must address poverty, desertification, food security, human health, species extinction, forced migration, etc.

$204.7 million approved for one of largest-ever marsh restoration projects in Louisiana: 1200 acres of oyster and wildlife habitat

In Springfield, Missouri, a 3-mile corridor is being greened & pedestrianized to reconnect the downtown and revitalize neighborhoods

Long-delayed redevelopment of 80-acre site on the historic 1851 Armed Forces Retirement Home campus in Washington, DC to proceed

This rural poverty alleviation program’s strategy is to revitalize tourism by restoring this abandoned town’s historic buildings

This historic 1958 modernist office building has launched its next 50 years of service with a beautiful, energy-efficient renovation

Here’s how this vacant industrial building will be renovated & repurposed as a “creative factory” to help revitalize a historic town

Near the revitalized Brooklyn Navy Yard, a renovated 1920s masonry factory—and four other historic structures—enjoy new lives

Invasive species removal contributes to economic revitalization, endangered species restoration and climate resilience on islands