GUEST ARTICLE: The adaptive reuse trend is at all-time high, with residential conversions of vintage factories leading the way

Cities are leading both innovation and practice in the global green recovery from the COVID-19 economic crisis

FEMA’s new “Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities” program will support states, communities, tribes & territories

Detroit’s 130-year-old Eastern Market is about to get a revitalizing boost with this colorful new office and retail building

$215 million is approved for two projects that will restore 4600+ acres of wetland, coastal and nearshore habitats in Louisiana

The “Restorative Ground” design has been selected to reactivate NYC’s Hudson Square following months of social isolation

U.S. Green Building Council introduces new programs and resources to boost climate resilience of buildings and communities

Economically-revitalizing $20 million project positions Australia as first nation to restore a critically-endangered marine ecosystem

$320.6 million will renovate America’s rail infrastructure for safety & efficiency and to revitalize “Opportunity Zone” communities

Global Restoration Economy: Leaders of over 70 nations declare that restoring nature will require an extra $700 billion annually

After two 500-year storms in less than two years, the North Carolina Resilient Communities Program has been launched

As this historic town center is revitalized, a renovation is needed to create a new image for this 1980’s residential “Plant Building”

A foundation, a giant corporation & a nation will help restore the climate & a precious forest, while revitalizing chocolate farms

This new, green office tower is strategically placed to help revitalize both a downtown and a historic port area

Hidden restoration economy trend revealed: U.S. cities are revitalizing by restoring passenger train service to abandoned tracks

The NOAA Restoration Center boosts Oregon’s economy and jobs with a $824,000 grant to the Wild Salmon Center to restore habitat

A California nonprofit opens an affordable, transit-oriented, mixed-use, multifamily community on former brownfield

Redeveloper partners with non-profit to create urban farm staffed by former inmates to revitalize a “food desert” neighborhood

$535,000 cleanup completed at this Ann Arbor, MI nature center…a gift to the city that turned out to be a contaminated dump

Florida is putting $50 million into restoring more than 20 of its beautiful springs to help revitalize the state’s tourism economy

Mississippi allocates over $15 million to restore oyster reefs and coastal wildlife habitats that were damaged by BP oil spill

H&R Block and Nextdoor back 10 community revitalization projects to boost resilience, reduce isolation & improve quality of life

The Riverfront Alliance of Delaware County has revealed its new waterfront revitalization plan for Chester, Pennsylvania

Partnership of Project RELeaf and Nestlé intends to plant 3 million trees to restore forests in Malaysia over the next three years

Restoration Economy: Walmart wants to be regenerative, restoring 50 million acres of land & one million sq. miles of ocean by 2030

Restorative Beer! Dogfish Head introduces “Re-Gen-Ale” to help restore the climate via regenerative agriculture & Indigo Carbon

Global Center on Adaptation launches new office for African Adaptation Initiative to create resilient communities and agriculture

Industrial agriculture giant Cargill announces new 10 million acre initiative to advance farmer-led regenerative agriculture

It took 18 years, but the United Nations is finally recognizing the need to advance from sustainability to restoration & regeneration

68 communities get £95 million to revitalize downtowns & culture by reusing/restoring abandoned & dilapidated historic buildings