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3 ways President Biden and the U.S. Congress can accelerate the restoration of American forests…and the global climate

Pres. Biden issues “restoration economy” E.O. focused on community revitalization, nature restoration, reforestation and resilience

Maryland leaders celebrate the massive economic boost the state has derived from the successful restoration of this island

Protected for 100 years, this popular Florida swamp sanctuary gets $100,000 from a new partner to advance ecological restoration

RFP Success! St. Petersburg, Florida receives 7 impressive proposals to redevelop and revitalize 86 acres near downtown

$1.9 billion project gets $766.5 million to replace decrepit New Jersey rail bridge, which will benefit entire Northeast Corridor

Louisiana parish celebrates $40.8 million to restore 514 acres of intertidal marsh for economic and environmental revitalization

University wins 3-year collaboration with U.S. Army to research oyster restoration and help revitalize region’s coastal economy

Regenerative Poultry: Free-range chickens are good, but tree-range birds are better, restoring ecology and boosting profits.

Giving the public the “Right To Regenerate” underutilized publicly-owned properties to advance community revitalization

$7.2 million renovation transfigures historic “Transfiguration School” into affordable housing to revitalize Detroit neighborhood

$7.4 million for 17 ecological restoration projects spanning 28 states will help revitalize vulnerable wildlife populations

$306 billion infrastructure renewal plan will revitalize Midtown Manhattan & make New York State a renewable energy leader

This Pennsylvania city has just received $1 million from the state to redevelop a key site that will help revitalize their downtown

New tower will reconnect and revitalize a neighborhood hurt by bad planning, create jobs and spur regional economic growth

This art museum in Texas has been reimagined, refreshed and recreated, and now sits within a revitalized landscape

University wins $250,000 to help restore a river & Great Lakes by revitalizing a former brownfield with green infrastructure

Brownfield being revitalized into renewable energy-powered, transit-oriented housing gets $3.77 million, and is already sold out

33 projects get $7.4 million—and leverage another $7.6 million—to restore wildlife habitat and water quality in the Great Lakes

Ecologically restored former ranch lands—now home to endangered wildlife—are being reconnected to protected, expanded reserves

Underutilized industrial site being revitalized as a $100 million, transit-oriented, 100% affordable housing community in California

This state’s Department of Fish & Wildlife wants public input: Should they acquire and ecologically restore a 9600-acre coal mine?

Vacant for 30 years, 40-acre brownfield will reconnect downtown to waterfront with affordable housing, green space & mixed use

In Manhattan, the revitalizing “3Re Strategy” is at work as two wonderful examples of adaptive reuse are about to be connected

Non-profit revitalizes an underutilized retail property with a 59-unit, 100% affordable & supportive housing project in California

Brown pelicans loved a previous restoration in Louisiana, so this $16.4 million project will restore 88 acres for them on another island

Historic lighthouse commissioned by George Washington to become more storm-resilient via $30.7 million landscape restoration

Texas will soon boast America’s largest brightfields project, turning a 240-acre closed urban landfill into clean energy

Will this new plan for revitalizing all 51 miles of the Los Angeles River end a quarter century of “Perpetual Planning Syndrome”?