GUEST ARTICLE – From Dead Rigs To Living Reefs: Repurposing Our Dirty Energy Past to Restore A Cleaner, Healthier Future For All

$5.5 billion is allocated to local programs that enhance affordable housing, community revitalization and economic opportunity

Eleven projects win awards for excellence in community revitalization via the restoration of historic and cultural resources

The renovation of dirty, wasteful, unreliable energy grids to clean, dependable hydrogen power is taking a leap forward in New York

European Commission adopts a new “EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change”, but it’s a plan without a strategy

The new Regenerative Fund for Nature aims to transition 2.5 million acres of depleted and agricultural land to regenerative practices

600 major companies have now formed the world’s largest network to help companies, cities & governments boost climate resilience

Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority intends to invest $887 million in integrated resilience projects in one year

New powerplant boosts university resilience, while reconnecting the campus landscape and complementing nearby historic buildings

$41 million project to create a restorative greenway through a Bronx park has just won a “Sustainable Infrastructure” award

£13.5 million in new funding will kickstart 22 heritage restoration and reuse projects to help revitalize communities nationwide

$100 million in federal Site Rehabilitation grants to revitalize tribal communities by restoring inactive oil and gas sites

Long-suffering Camden, New Jersey gets some good news: A $250 million redevelopment of their major transit hub will soon be arriving

New public-private partnership will perform a $72 million restoration of historic Loew’s Theatre, helping to revitalize downtown

Michigan enacts new historic tax credits to revitalize communities, and twelve of its heritage sites are listed in national register

This green financial district redevelopment project near city center hopes to boost urban, economic and social revitalization

Eight research projects designed to help restore Long Island Sound in New York and Connecticut receive $2.8 million

Award-winning citizen-led project reveals nature-based future: renovating urban parks to increase community climate resilience

A Kalamazoo, Michigan neighborhood with a rich history of community connection will tell its stories by transforming a vacant lot

A grey symbol of dictatorial repression is being redesigned and reused as a green, progressive symbol of freedom and hope

Largest river regeneration project in U.S. moves forward with contract for ecological restoration after removal of four dams

$348,400 is awarded to 14 rural Florida counties & cities to speed revitalization via projects that prepare redevelopment sites

Transit-oriented revitalization of Toronto neighborhood features a green restoration and expansion of this historic building

Successful loan advances regeneration project that will turn this transit-friendly brownfield into 100 apartments near river

$1 million to help revitalize Virginia’s oyster industry by renovating, reusing or replacing three derelict waterfront structures

$220 million will clean 50 of the 500 toxic, abandoned uranium mines on Navajo Nation land and add “restoration economy” jobs

With half of western U.S. in drought, feds invest $15.4 million to leverage $54.9 million for climate adaptation & resilience projects

City, private firm & Environmental Protection Agency to detoxify SuperFund site & nearby landfill, preparing for beneficial reuse

Eleven struggling neighborhoods across the United States receive “National Neighborhood Promise” grants to support revitalization

13 bat species—and other Wyoming wildlife—are benefiting from the reclamation of three long-abandoned uranium mines