Maryland’s “Resiliency through Restoration” initiative creates a living shoreline to protect and enhance a church camp

San Francisco redevelopment turns power plant & industrial site into needed housing and reconnects neighborhood to waterfront

Historic elevated rail station in Chicago will be restored, renovated and modernized, helping to revitalize downtown living

This “Integrated Disaster Risk Management and Resilience Program” just received $100 million to protect people and the economy

Historic 1919 train station repurposed and renewed as 500-room hotel with extension that respects the original architecture

The world’s largest producer of potatoes commits to 100% regenerative agriculture on its 370,000 acres worldwide by 2030

Once again, tiny Costa Rica takes a global leadership role in restoring the planet’s land & natural resources…and our future

Minnesota plants 100,000 native tree seedlings throughout four state parks to hold back the spread of invasive grasses

Ecosystem restoration won’t progress as fast as necessary until we reduce the nitrogen we’re dumping into our environment

$135 million “Resilient Landscape Integration Project” shields people from climate hazards while revitalizing economic opportunities

This town has just landed over £24 million to revitalize the community, regenerate the area and recover from the COVID economic crisis

This city will bounce forward from the COVID crisis with inclusive economic revitalization effort that’s the largest in its history

305,000 acres of denuded forest & watershed rehabilitated, boasting an 81% survival rate, helped by monitoring from police and army

Tribe and Restoration Collective in Tulsa, OK among 13 recipients of revitalization grants from U.S. Local Foods, Local Places program

$9.6 million in grants will leverage more than $28 million in matching contributions to restore the Chesapeake Bay watershed

How to revitalize a hideous post-industrial landscape into beautiful public space, preserved heritage and restored ecosystems

In Georgia, The Conservation Fund purchases 6154 acres of forest from a lumber company for future ecological restoration

This repurposed historic downtown building is being renovated as a museum, hoping to become a regional arts hub in New Jersey

Growing the Global Restoration Economy: The world’s seventh-largest bank has just launched an Ecosystem Restoration fund

UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration—the global movement to re-imagine, recreate & restore ecosystems—is officially launched

Unilever launches forest restoration project to revitalize communities and regenerate biodiversity in North Sumatra, Indonesia

North Carolina shows other states how to benefit—economically and ecologically—from restoring their coastal habitats

Which nation will plant 10 billion mangroves by 2023 to revitalize its economy while regenerating fisheries & ecosystem services?

$8 billion in economic revitalization benefits from providing reliable, sustainable Amtrak passenger service to 160+ additional cities

Economic Redevelopment & Growth Program in New Jersey is now offering $50 million in urban revitalization residential tax credits

Local bank gives $475,000 for community revitalization and affordable housing to five non-profit organizations in New Jersey

Contaminated former pistol range is being remediated to revitalize Pennsylvania town by providing space for new businesses

This city has a catalog of opportunities to repurpose 7.4 square miles of empty flat roofs as farms, parks & affordable housing

Ten heritage restoration and adaptive reuse projects—including an old slate mill—are funded to revitalize distressed communities

Michigan communities are finding innovative ways to bring residents downtown to help revitalize their post-COVID economies