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New partnership will replace a 74-year-old stadium with a $66.5 million arts/sports venue that better serves Seattle schools

RECONOMICS: New 5-point strategy is unveiled to revitalize the Appalachian region’s communities and make them more resilient

State awards its communities $5.2 million for revitalization efforts, including “Upper Story Conversion” to boost downtown residents

Mixed-use revitalization of vacant six-acre complex in Brooklyn boasts 1163 affordable homes in reused buildings + new public plaza

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Barge company agrees to pay $3.3 million for Mississippi River oil spill, and ecologically restore 649 acres of critical wildlife habitat

$4.6 million research program investigates effectiveness of restored natural features & wildlife habitat to boost coastal resilience

In dead sports arena, mayor says “San Diego has a rare opportunity to remake a part of the city that is desperate for revitalization”

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50 groups in 26 states win $36.5 million for technology-based economic revitalization, leveraging another $40 million in matches

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6 historic buildings in Rochester’s 14-acre 1891 seminary get $27 million renovation into energy-efficient affordable senior housing

National Park Service awards $38 million to restore heritage nationwide, including historic African American Civil Rights sites