The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library reopens with a roof garden after a 3-year renovation that fixed architect’s mistakes

Abandoned warehouses to be greened and repurposed as $13 million entertainment pavilion to revitalize Buffalo’s Outer Harbor

Most roads destroy nature, heritage and/or farms. This innovative, green, renovated highway is designed to help restore them.

Feds, state & tribe celebrate 2 milestones in 32-year cleanup & ecological restoration of a river poisoned by Alcoa Aluminum factory

New $10 million program revitalizes historic Maryland downtowns while boosting both home rehabilitation and home ownership

Regenerative Aquaculture: Revitalizing the Caribbean seafood economy by kick-starting seaweed farming with new technology

$15 million to help create resilient economies in communities that will suffer revenue loss from shutdown of old nuclear power plants

Massachusetts city curing post-industrial blues by using HUD loan to redevelop vacant, abandoned & foreclosed downtown property

These two villages have each received $10 million from their state to revitalize their downtowns and add affordable housing

The Conservation Fund and U-Haul help green and revitalize communities as they celebrate one million trees planted in American cities

Historic, Black, low-income neighborhood in Kentucky launches $20 million revitalization initiative with a bank and a national partner

At $100 million, newly-completed Everglades flow cleanup is the largest environmental restoration project in American history

This $1,743,625 “living shorelines” coastal restoration project will boost climate resilience for New Jersey and the U.S. Navy

Bipartisan “Blue Carbon for Our Planet Act” is introduced to boost American coastal resilience while restoring global climate

$21 billion is coming for U.S. environmental restoration, mine reclamation, Superfund cleanup and brownfield remediation

New Hampshire wins $3,794,613 to restore ecosystems and watersheds while boosting climate resilience of coastal communities

“50 Million Mussel Project” ecologically restores Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay and could help revive local fishing economy

RECONOMICS: A massive, green, mixed-use neighborhood will now arise on this city’s dead, post-industrial sites and railyard

Here’s your opportunity to buy & redevelop this large, historic, transit-friendly building to help revitalize a downtown in New Jersey

In Los Angeles, an arts conservancy in a Latino neighborhood becomes a hub for climate resilience and climate justice

The community-focused redevelopment of an underutilized property will help revitalize this 90-year-old church in Ottawa

Toledo, Ohio hopes to revive manufacturing economy & create 500 jobs by redeveloping a dead 60-acre mall as a new industrial park

Regenerating Salmon, Watersheds and Economies: Klamath River Coho Restoration Grant Program funded with $2.7 million

A “grassroots strategic vision” to reconnect riverfront helped city win $10 million from state’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative

A new neighborhood rises as a community-based design for a 5-acre residential project brings old urban industrial area back to life

Rehabilitation of this historic 19th-century waterman’s cottage will help revitalize the working waterfront of Annapolis, Maryland

This state just gave $36 million to nonprofit, business & resident projects to revitalize distressed & low-income neighborhoods

Energy utility awards $750,000 in “Hometown Revitalization” grants to help downtowns & small businesses recover from COVID crisis

Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act makes the largest-ever investment in cleaning up America’s abandoned coal mines: $11.3 billion

NOAA announces its largest climate resilience funding ever: $171 million for 72 innovative and impactful projects nationwide