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The new Resilient Agriculture Accelerator Fund is established to scale-up voluntary regenerative agriculture in the U.S.

Historic, 77-acre brick factory–notorious for Black convict labor–to be ecologically restored as a revitalizing Atlanta city park

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U.S. Forest Service is told to restore the forests it’s mismanaged as tree farms for a century, and to make them more resilient

In Ohio, 38 heritage buildings will now be rehabilitated to revitalize 19 communities, thanks to $40 million in historic tax credits

Corporate commitment of $100 million will help revitalize downtowns, restoring parks, housing & community centers across America

13 projects in four states get $1 million to create green jobs, revitalize communities and restore the Chesapeake Bay watershed

The home of the Pentagon and Amazon HQ2 celebrates new public park commemorating African American baseball history

15 community revitalization & adaptive reuse projects get $10 million from Pennsylvania’s Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program

Syracuse gets $29 million to redevelop this huge, decrepit, long-vacant facility into a regional job hub and mixed income housing

State launches prison redevelopment effort to find innovative reuse and revitalization opportunities for closed prisons

Built in 1881 & vacant since 2005, 4-building factory being repurposed as a $55 million affordable and supportive housing complex

Normally, we remove invasive species before restoring native species. But what if restoring natives can remove invasives?

A national model for renovating affordable housing? This state just created a Public Housing Preservation Trust for 25,000 units.

“Revitalization at its finest!” 112 brownfield remediation projects in 41 Ohio counties win $192 million to revive community economies

In New Orleans, the 7th Ward Revitalization Project hosts a rededication ceremony for park named after civil rights leader

$23M pedestrian-friendly redevelopment repurposes downtown historic district parking lot into 75 affordable housing units

This architecturally-historic office building will be redeveloped into a green residential neighborhood while respecting its heritage

This $12.5 billion is the largest single investment in renovating and replacing America’s decrepit bridges in nation’s history

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