GUEST ARTICLE: All across America, large urban redevelopment projects are springing up around water, thanks to new funding

13 acres of county-owned, former industrial land to be redeveloped and revitalized as new workforce housing and retail in Maryland

In car-worshiping Los Angeles, a historic 1930 Art Deco parking garage is renovated to support new transit-oriented housing

This green infrastructure-based resilience plan for Galveston Bay, Texas could become a model for vulnerable ports worldwide

With billion-dollar disasters back-to-back, this $7.3 billion will make U.S. transportation infrastructure more climate-resilient

Victory! For 40 years, an abandoned coal mine has poisoned Alabama’s rivers. Now, the company is being forced to restore it.

Local government and tribal leaders across seven states celebrate receiving $79 million to help restore the Columbia River Basin

REWILDING THE PLANET: Here are eight endangered species being reintroduced and restored around the world

The day after winning $20 million from FEMA to boost local flood resilience, Washington DC suffers widespread, damaging floods

At Pittsburg State University in Kansas, Gorillas help revitalize a downtown via building renovation projects

Revitalization of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s long-suffering Hill District accelerates with over $11 million in new federal funding

Unused for 60 years, a Chicago rail corridor will be repurposed and renewed as a revitalizing nature trail with urban farms

Leaders and residents in East Moline, Illinois are celebrating a $24 million investment in their downtown revitalization project

Success! Renovation of Baltimore’s historic Penn Station & revitalization of surrounding neighborhood gets a $6 million boost

Community revitalization leaders across New Hampshire celebrate winning $4 million to clean and redevelop brownfields sites

Destroyed by oil firms for 90 years, this completed wetland restoration project adds storm resilience for Louisiana communities

This small, 160-year-old Catholic university in Illinois hopes to revitalize a local street via the renovation of their “Greek houses”

This $725 million will catalyze economic revitalization in former coal communities by restoring damaged, abandoned mine lands

This $1.16 billion investment will improve climate resilience, reduce flooding and expand green infrastructure across America

$234 million turns eyesores into affordable housing, green infrastructure & downtown revitalization for storm-damaged community

As disasters rapidly accumulate, NOAA administrator says America needs to become a more equitable, climate-ready nation

In York, Pennsylvania, a public-private partnership will renovate and revitalize three run-down public housing complexes

With heat the #1 weather-related killer in the United States, this University of Miami student carves out a career in resilience

First section of East Side Coastal Resiliency Project is completed as NYC playground reopens with new resilient design

Responding to criticism of his failure to declare a national climate emergency, Biden documents his administration’s progress

The “Seattle Restored” retail revitalization program is expanded to revive art studios and neighborhoods beyond downtown

This $901 million investment intends to revitalize communities by renovating old buildings to expand affordable housing

From Plague To Places: Redeveloping America’s 66,000 ugly strip malls into affordable housing to revitalize communities

As sea level rise submerges the future of America’s coastal cities, the Army Corps proposes a Baltimore resilience plan

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