GUEST ARTICLE – Cities & rural regions across America will get reconnected and revitalized with new surge of rails-to-trails projects

Generation Regeneration: UNEP is looking to fund up to 10 model cities to start or expand their local ecosystem restoration efforts

Louisiana officials celebrate completion of their largest ridge and marsh restoration project: 2000 acres of coastal habitat

Louisiana celebrates unanimous approval of their new 50-year, $50 billion master plan for coastal restoration and resilience

Restoration Economy: This $315 million is the largest funding in the revitalizing history of U.S. EPA’s Brownfields MARC Grant program

Drexel University-led consortium releases a new research strategy for boosting the Philadelphia region’s climate resilience

U.S. Senators reintroduce bipartisan legislation to accelerate disaster recovery assistance to communities and families

In Michigan, 16 failing or useless dams will be removed or altered to restore river ecology and reduce disaster risk to communities

In a major step forward for regeneration, environmental justice policies are embedded in the work of all U.S. federal agencies

This $690 million investment in 28 public transportation projects will help revitalize disadvantaged California communities

Spokane wins national brownfields award for remediating, restoring and redeveloping their contaminated Riverfront Park

After successful 2-year launch, Cargill’s regenerative agriculture program expands from 15 to 24 U.S. states, and to Europe

Congresswoman introduces legislation to revitalize transit, renovate infrastructure and restore rivers in the nation’s capital

Kansas City wisely bases neighborhood revitalization on redevelopment projects that increase supply of affordable housing

Restoration Economy: New research points at ways to restore America’s vital grasslands in a more adaptive, resilient manner

New public engagement process for the most important regeneration program in America: the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

FEMA announces $160 million in climate-resilient infrastructure renovation funding for states, communities, tribes & territories

New York Harbor is healthier than it was 150 years ago, during the Civil War. A new agreement will now further its restoration.

Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission funds 11 projects to economically boost former tobacco-growing communities

Five rural development districts in Kentucky win $500,000 to revitalize their economies by boosting community renewal capacity

Seattle renews and expands its successful Metropolitan Improvement District to broaden its downtown revitalization

Audrey Hepburn would be pleased: Tiffany’s historic 1940 flagship store in Manhattan has been renovated and reimagined

The Brooklyn Bridge gets a great present for its 140th birthday: revitalized parks and public spaces in nearby Chinatown

Vancouver’s historic downtown Chinatown neighborhood celebrates $2.2 million grant for renovation and revitalization

The “Regenerate NY” program offers $850,000 to help private landowners restore forests and boost local climate resilience

An uptown Charlotte park is being renovated and revitalized as a place for reflection, based (maybe) on input from local citizens

As this California river is de-engineered and life is restored, salmon and sturgeon return for the first time in over a century

In California, Yurok Tribe and environmental groups celebrate major milestone for crucial watershed restoration project

New Jersey invests $1 million in rain gardens to boost health & resilience of communities via restorative green infrastructure

U.S. Forest Service officials hope their restorative actions in Washington state produce a resilient “restoration economy”