GUEST ARTICLE – Major funding increase in the wings for redevelopment, reuse and restoration projects on U.S. historic sites

Restoration Economy: Old industrial area is about to be redeveloped and revitalized into the new “Dancing Couples” neighborhood

As Canada burns, and shrouds U.S cities in smoke, the government has launched its first national climate adaptation strategy

AARP invests $3.6 million in 310 grants for quick-action projects that help communities revitalize quality of life for older residents

Seattle Mayor presents one of the most ambitious city center revitalization efforts in the USA: the Downtown Activation Plan

New “Make it in Michigan” strategy hopes to attract projects and social investments to revitalize communities across the state

Local Detroit real estate developer brings affordable housing to neighborhood in East Side’s largest redevelopment in decades

New $465 million natural history museum in New York City connects the neighborhood and parks in a revitalizing manner

Tulsa, Oklahoma takes a step closer to a brighter future, thanks to an $814 million infrastructure renewal investment proposal

In the shadow of Fargo, North Dakota, little Moorhead, Minnesota has big plans to revitalize 9 city blocks of its downtown

With this green infrastructure project, Camden demonstrates how revitalization and resilience efforts should go hand-in-hand

One of the planet’s most important river restoration projects gets underway in California, with first of four dam removals

Denver to revitalize Sun Valley by cleaning and redeveloping a toxic 8-acre tank farm into a riverfront park & affordable housing

This city hopes that redeveloping their arts center will revitalize the downtown into an internationally recognized arts precinct

For decades, NOAA has restored fisheries, reconnected ecosystems and revitalized coastal communities: Now it’s in high gear

Connecticut helps create a brighter future for 17 communities via $8.8 million in grants from the state’s Climate Resilience Fund

Restoration Economy: 28 communities celebrate their downtown revitalization and heritage renewal successes in Mississippi

New Jersey’s visionary “Aspire” program brings a revitalizing, affordable housing project to this underserved neighborhood

$23.8 million investment will bring 22 lifeless properties back from the dead on 480 acres of contaminated land in 15 Connecticut cities

For 4 years, The Restoration Initiative has united 10 Asian & African nations to restore landscapes and create resilient economies

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Coastal Protection & Restoration Auth. of Louisiana partner on $6.5 billion resilience project

Eight Michigan communities win $200,000 for downtown revitalization from the state’s Main Street Vibrancy Grant Program

Restoration Economy: Blue Forest launches the FRB Catalyst Facility and its First Forest Resilience Bond to restore Oregon watershed

$575 million Climate Resilience Regional Challenge will help strengthen U.S. coastal and Great Lakes communities and tribes

Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) have revitalized America for 50 years. This village of 15,303 folks is a recent example.

Pennsylvania grows jobs by investing $7.8 million to remediate & restore 16 toxic old mining sites and acid-poisoned streams

Restoration Economy: This historic, century-old fish market has now been gorgeously redeveloped and economically revitalized

Restoration Economy: This Expo 2000 pavilion will be reused and revitalized by the same green architects who originally designed it

Mexico City’s visionary “Sowing Parks” program produces another beautiful success, made of 85% recycled materials

29 rural North Carolina communities celebrate winning $8 million for downtown revitalization and neighborhood resilience