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This $370 million will add affordable housing and revitalize neighborhoods damaged by poor planning decisions in eight U.S. cities

Philadelphia’s long-underserved Bartram Village area celebrates winning a $50,000,000 neighborhood revitalization grant

The “Rebuild Illinois” program makes $10 million in grants available to restore water quality and boost flood resilience statewide

Pittsburgh wins a $50 million revitalization grant for a key housing complex and the surrounding Hill District neighborhood

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Governor’s holistic approach to revitalizing Chesapeake Bay’s water-based industries and ecology includes regenerative agriculture

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania hopes upcoming $70 million redevelopment of 150-year-old Lehigh University building will help revitalize city

The National Coastal Resilience Fund and the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana win token funding from fossil fuel foundation

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Revitalization of Richmond, Virginia advances as a 4-acre historic property is protected to reconnect the downtown area to its river

Revitalization of Long Island City continues with beautiful adaptive reuse of historic 1930s building into a life science facility

Another downtown parking lot begins its revitalizing transformation into much-needed affordable and supportive housing

After centuries of involuntary relocation, $120 million to boost Native American tribe climate resilience via voluntary relocation

Restoration Economy: Arbor Day Foundation, WWF, & Global EverGreening Alliance partner to help restore crucial ecosystems in Laos

Boston wisely launches an adaptive program to revitalize downtown by converting offices to residences via public-private partnerships

A decommissioned coal-fired power plant on Lake Erie in Ohio could become a beautiful, economically-revitalizing community amenity

Do you dream of redeveloping & economically revitalizing a defunct, 80-acre maximum security prison near the Hudson River?

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Historic 1850 religious building in Niagara Falls, New York is restored and adaptively reused into much-needed affordable housing

$11.4 million to help revitalize West Baltimore corridor between Coppin State University and the Maryland Institute College of Art