GUEST ARTICLE: In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a pioneering remote work incentive program contributes to local economic revitalization

Restoration Economy: Talisker whisky, Don Julio tequila, and Guinness stout all step onto the path of regenerative agriculture

186 grey & green infrastructure renovation projects win $128 million to boost flood resilience & environmental justice in America

Measuring the economic and environmental ripple effects of reforestation & regenerative cocoa cultivation Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire

Springfield, Massachusetts acquires 17-acre site of defunct hospital for $1, hoping that strategic redevelopment will revitalize area

18 American coastal resilience research projects just won $6.7 million to help reduce catastrophic flooding from sea level rise

This salt marsh restoration at Maine’s Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge will boost both biodiversity and coastal resilience

Baltimore’s “City of Refuge” celebrates the opening of a second Community Resiliency Hub to provide clean, reliable energy

This new transit-oriented, car-free urban neighborhood reconnects and revitalizes an old waterfront, and creates 22-acre park

Restoration Economy: This new $19 million investment supports the restoration and resilience of Chesapeake Bay and watershed

In Georgia, redevelopment of the long-ignored Atlanta University Center district is about revitalize it with over 200 new homes

New research shows that U.S. federal grants for pollution remediation have revitalized property values around the Great Lakes

58 projects in 44 states win $3.46 billion to renovate energy infrastructure via Grid Resilience & Innovation Partnerships (GRIP)

General Mills and Walmart form an alliance to advance regenerative agriculture on 600,000 acres in the U.S. Great Plains by 2030

Michigan’s visionary new housing subsidy program harnesses the proven community revitalization power of immigrants

31 American communities win $500 million to revitalize economy by becoming regional hubs of tech innovation and manufacturing

Restoration Economy: Reversing the loss of freshwater systems amid a global crisis that’s threatening $58 trillion annually

California’s 135-year-old Hotel del Coronado announces $160 million restoration and revitalization of historic Victorian building

In Toronto, an old gas station site is being transformed into a mid-rise, transit-oriented tower meeting “One Planet Living” standards

In Virginia, the world’s largest successful restoration of seagrass beds results in an astonishing recovery of fish and biodiversity

After 12 years of planning, a historic ecological restoration initiative has been launched on Floreana Island in the Galápagos

15 projects win $44 million for ecological restoration and economic revitalization along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi

64 revitalizing projects in 217 Appalachian counties win $54 million to diversify their economies away from coal mining

As rising seas threaten coastal cities with salt water intrusion, Everglades restoration is the best way to save Miami’s drinking water

This speech at the Global Landscapes Forum encourages a new vision of global ecosystem regeneration for “generation restoration”

A unique contest is offering cash prizes for the best designs that regenerate and revitalize this 300-year-old rural village

A $40 million redevelopment project to revitalize the Syracuse, New York downtown area has also renovated a historic building

22 rural economic revitalization projects win $6,323,026 from the Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission

New Jersey’s visionary Aspire program funds two new redevelopment projects that will produce 100% affordable housing

New twist on reusing deconstructed building materials: bricks from a historic Michigan prison are sold to boost affordable housing