New national initiative to revitalize Israel’s city centers with renovated housing

Penitentiary-style public housing reborn as livable neighborhood in Paterson, NJ

Ex-Treasury official: Green infrastructure program would revitalize UK economy

Restoration of historic trestle nearly completes 24-mile rail-to-trail in New York

From the ashes of arson, revitalization rises in a Denver neighborhood

1910 warehouse gets $90 million rebirth as residences to revitalize downtown Dallas

Revitalizing a native culture by restoring an Indian river killed by coal mining

Glasgow to revitalize neighborhoods by reconnecting them with new bicycle path

Isle of Man to redevelop historic downtown Post Office into shops

Atlanta neighborhood to be revitalized by transit-oriented multifamily housing

Vacant Rochester NY lots now revitalizing neighborhood as affordable housing

Thailand closes national parks to boost coral reef regeneration after bleaching

Japanese art festivals organized by local governments boost regional revitalization

Turning derelict city land into socially-equitable green infrastructure

Restored 1863 cotton mill to drive rebirth of textiles industry in Manchester, England

Southampton UK replacing dead retail with living residences to revitalize downtown

Colorado teens aid ecological restoration and flood resilience of local river

Rio citizens say Olympics revitalization promise was “con job”, but there’s hope

Brew it and they will come: Revitalization of Ohio City spreads from downtown core

Carbon offsets might fund forest restoration in Northern Arizona

Savannah art college revitalizes a historic French village with recycled cardboard

Grand Bank, Newfoundland to revitalize historic downtown and waterfront

Unemployed coal miners being hired to ecologically restore mined land

Moscow reconnecting to its river via pedestrianization, parks & brownfields

Maryland program gets youth involved in restoring watershed and Chesapeake Bay

“Holistic” revitalization coming for West Bank of Hillsborough River in Tampa

NYC program revitalizes neighborhoods & restores lives of homeless & incarcerated

Coming: A more-strategic, outcome-oriented Main Street revitalization approach

UNEP: Restoring Natural Capital Can Help Reduce Extreme Poverty

Fishermen repurposed as tour guides as whale sharks revitalize Philippine town

Superblocks help Barcelona reclaim their city from cars, for people

Enlightened Iowa farmers are restoring native prairie to revitalize soil and water

After 60 years of deterioration, 1924 locomotive will be restored in Maine

Documentary on regenerative agriculture features Virginia’s famed Polyface Farm

Repurposing 5 miles of ugly dead space to create a bike trail spanning Berlin

Partnership celebrates 30 years of restoring the upper Mississippi River

Los Angeles launches Koreatown revitalization; 1300 new jobs promised

Feds to help cities remove dumb urban highways to reconnect and revitalize

Chicago non-profit announces plan to restore urban nature sanctuary

Green Trend: The rise of reuse and renovation in the real estate industry

Abandoned 1934 chocolate factory bursts with artistic new life in Rio de Janeiro

$214 million restoration of Louisiana’s Caminada Headland nears completion

3 non-profits join forces to restore coral reefs off Sapi Island, Malaysia

West Virginia mayor decries “ridiculous” FEMA standards for flood restoration

Milbridge, Maine non-profit will rebuild historic theater to revitalize downtown