GUEST ARTICLE: Physically, economically, and socially bridging Washington, DC

Join Storm Cunningham for a revitalizing Cuban bamboo adventure – June 21-28, 2017

Locally extinct since 1971, Japan restores a national treasure: the white stork

Historic wall to be restored as part of major downtown Melbourne redevelopment

Restored art and architecture revitalize a Kabul neighborhood devastated by war

After success reintroducing lions, Rwandan park to restore black rhinos

Brownfields revitalization and renewable energy are growing together in Italy

Foreign diplomats get their hands dirty restoring Chesapeake Bay seagrasses

Federal agencies partner to restore grizzly bear population in the North Cascades

400 new homes on derelict land approved to regenerate London public housing

Social entrepreneur sponsors restoration of 100 hectares of Japan’s coastal forest

Communities look to their restored rivers for revitalization via recreation economy

Boston is replacing huge, ugly garage with mixed-use, transit oriented redevelopment

Revitalizing Tulsa, Oklahoma’s tragic “Black Wall Street” via entrepreneurs

Edinburgh, Scotland invests £1.1 billion to revitalize its historic St Andrew Square

Colby College and Alfond Foundation lead impressive revitalization in Waterville, ME

A federal bird restoration program revives barren, strip-mined lands in Appalachia

Historic 1908 waterfront sardine cannery to get mixed-use revival in Eastport, Maine

Cleveland greens vacant land to mitigate climate change & revitalize neighborhoods

Updated $3 billion plan to ecologically restore Louisiana’s coast is released

Tukwila, WA to revitalize sleazy motel sites with a new health or justice center

The rebirth of spoken Hebrew can inspire other language revitalization efforts

Some thoughts on effective community revitalization from Glenview, Illinois

Restored 1908 building is now revitalizing arts, culture, and history in Welsh town

Site of notorious Bronx, New York juvenile prison repurposed as affordable housing

Rural revitalization leadership training needed in Maine, the US, and worldwide

1905 Minnesota State Capitol reopens after 3-year, $310 million restoration

Indian fishermen welcome reconstruction of historic harbor to revitalize economy

Philippines town restores coral reef, boosting local fishery 334% in one year

Modern tech helps Mumbai shrink historic port and launch 300-acre redevelopment

Residents work to revitalize a decrepit Florida neighborhood that used to be a city

After 30 years of cleanup, people returning to site of world’s worst nuclear disaster

Restoring the world’s seagrasses is a complex but crucially-important challenge

Ohio county partners with power company to turn closed landfills into solar farms

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The repurposing of vacant urban lots emerges as a strategy to reduce crime

World Bank, Italy & France partner to revitalize five historic Lebanese cities

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