GUEST ARTICLE: Virtuous circles of innovative, community-led neighborhood renewal

A business startup aims to harness the restorative powers of seaweed and shellfish

USDA launches public/private restoration of native pollinators in southern Michigan

New South Wales, Australia launches $52 million revitalization effort for Gosford

University of Miami uses “hurricane tank” to research restoration and resilient of corals

AIA grant will help revitalize a historic 22-acre former factory site in Burlington, NC

$2.3 million launches EcoDistrict-based revitalization of Pittsburgh neighborhood

New for-profit/non-profit partnership aims to restore one million corals by 2025

Tanzania climate adaptation adds mangrove and coral reef restoration to urban seawall

Pioneering women-owned brewery aims to revitalize another Philly neighborhood

Urban revitalization gains momentum in China with renovation of state-owned properties

Regenerative Beverage: Macadamia milk aims to restore nature and reverse climate change

Adaptive reuse of historic building will boost revitalization of Akron arts district

Oregon farmer and a non-profit partner to restore a river’s endangered native species

Monty Python’s home is repurposed, renewed and reconnected to revitalize neighborhood

Restoring estuary connectivity on the Fraser River estuary delta of British Columbia

Lincoln, Nebraska to incrementally revitalize entire corridor via tax increment financing

A beautiful restoration is completed at Uppsala University; Sweden’s oldest school

A California city works to restore historic downtown destroyed by “urban renewal”

Will this bottom-up rebirth of Atlantic City, New Jersey be the one that (finally) takes?

A bipartisan effort to reauthorize incentives for brownfields cleanup and redevelopment

Minnesota citizens enjoy benefits of paying their clean water / wildlife restoration tax

American mayors are advised to ensure that Opportunity Zone redevelopment benefits all

Rancher whose ancestor drained wetlands in Washington is now helping to restore them

The restoration and revitalization of a vacant historic theater in Omaha, Nebraska

The DC area’s new Purple Line Metro train is proving the revitalizing power of urban rail

Renewable energy helps a 1928 Ohio sewage plant win sustainable infrastructure award

Historic, congested railway station square is redesigned to help revitalize Chia-yi, Taiwan

Like Los Angeles, Phoenix has big dreams of river revitalization: 58 rural & urban miles!

Blue Ridge Parkway gets first haircut in 80 years to restore aesthetic & economic value

Woman hits jackpot in Las Vegas, restoring Monarch breeding for first time in history

Manitoba gets $1.1 billion to revitalize via green infrastructure and public transit

Will Tucson pull off another revitalization miracle on its derelict Miracle Mile?

814 acres of Brownfield Opportunity Areas will help revitalize 3 New York communities

Yosemite National Park celebrates $40 million restoration at grove of giant sequoias

Dumfries, Scotland wants to buy-back their town center to renovate and revitalize it