Funding Available

$200 million is now available to boost water infrastructure climate resilience & increase water recycling in American communities

$45 million is now available for projects that restore coastal habitat and boost resilience for tribes and underserved communities

$240 million now available for U.S. projects that restore coastal wetlands and remove dams to improve community resilience

$1.5 million now available to revitalize dilapidated downtown buildings in Kansas via Historic Economic Asset Lifeline (HEAL) grants

New Jersey Economic Development Authority now has funding available for adaptive reuse and catalytic redevelopment projects

$10 million in grants now available in Illinois for projects that restore water quality and boost flood resilience in communities

$660 million is available to clean up orphaned oil & gas wells that pollute backyards, parks & farmland all across America

$60 million is now available for projects that create regenerative, well-paid, climate resilience-related jobs across America

$832 million is available via NOAA to coastal communities and tribes to revitalize economies, restore nature & boost resilience

$25 million available to 500 rural U.S. towns from T-Mobile to jumpstart revitalizing projects and build stronger communities

$20 million is available to California communities, non-profits and tribes to ecologically restore illegal cannabis farms

$200 million is now available to revitalize distressed communities from the U.S. Economic Development Administration

$4 million is now available to renovate manufactured homes and revitalize mobile home parks throughout Vermont

California’s “Regional Resilience Planning & Implementation Grant Program” now has $25 million available for local projects

Got a dangerously decrepit local bridge? $12.5 billion is available over the next five years to help you replace or renovate it.

$2 million for California non-profits, tribes & communities to do restoration projects that boost climate adaptation & resilience