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Need help renewing your nation, community, organization, or career?
Get instant support via the Revitalization Hotline.

“Storm Cunningham’s books have inspired me for years. His breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in the
integrated revitalization of the economic, social, built and natural environments is unparalleled.
He’s also uniquely familiar with the perspectives of our diverse decision makers that need to be engaged in this complex process.
So, I am very happy to be a Revitalization Hotline subscriber!

Put regeneration guru Storm Cunningham on your team by phone and/or email for just $199/month.
Get instant advice—or key connections—for your planning, funding, presentations, career or business-building.

This 1/2-price service is for REVITALIZATION subscribers only: Storm’s normal consulting rate is $400/hour.

Since 2002, Storm Cunningham has been the world’s leading regenerative economist and educator. He helps public/private leaders, students, and professionals around the globe understand:
1) the community / regional / national revitalization process, and
2) how to strategically position their careers, policies, or organization within that process.

His specialty is connecting individuals, institutions, and communities worldwide to the resources, growth opportunities, and best practices of the fast-growing, $3 trillion global restoration economy.

If you’ve read Storm’s new RECONOMICS book preview, you know that many of the key elements of an economic transition can fall through the cracks when you’re buried in the details of running a project, city, region, or organization.

  • This Revitalization Hotline service is primarily for those involved in (or who desire to be involved in) “RE” activities: regeneration, redevelopment, revitalization, restoration, remediation, recovery, etc. But it can be used by anyone who has a desire to heal our world in some manner.
  • The Revitalization Hotline will help your project, program, non-profit, foundation, business, school, government agency, or personal career thrive while improving your community, or our planet.
  • The Revitalization Hotline can be either a short-term or long-term service. You can subscribe for as little as a month or two, if that’s all it takes to accomplish your goal, and then simply cancel it.

Get expert advice when you need it, at a price you can afford:

Now, for just $199/month, you can subscribe to the Revitalization Hotline.
You’ll enjoy access to one hour per month of live support from Storm, by phone, video conference, and/or email.

  • Who is the Revitalization Hotline for?
  • Developers who need help winning an entitlement for their redevelopment project;
  • Corporate social responsibility directors upgrading to Corporate Social Revitalization;
  • Social and green entrepreneurs wanting help with a business or marketing plan;
  • Community Foundation executives looking for the most powerful impact investing approaches;
  • Non-profit executives developing a fundraising strategy;
  • University students desiring guidance on creating a meaningful, satisfying career;
  • Economic development leaders wanting to go beyond employer recruitment;
  • Catastrophe recovery leaders striving to rebuild in a more resilient manner;
  • Housing authorities desiring a more central role in local revitalization;
  • Public-private partnerships wanting to maximize their resources;
  • Mayors and Governors striving for economic, social, and environmental renewal via a comprehensive renewal process: vision, strategy, plan, policies, partnership, projects, & program.
  • As a Revitalization Hotline subscriber, you can INSTANTLY:
  • Get the strategic insights and potential public or private partners you need to make your project, plan, or initiative viable;
  • Get the success stories you need for your proposal to prove that your approach has worked in similar places with similar challenges;
  • Get the charts, graphics, quotes, and examples you need to make your presentation a success.
  • Get the mentoring you need for advancing a career that restores and revitalizes our world.
  • Use the Revitalization Hotline however you wish, on any kind of project or agenda:
  • Property investment analysis;
  • Job growth/economic development;
  • Quality of life enhancement;
  • Main Street/downtown/heritage revitalization;
  • Climate adaption/sustainability/resilience;
  • Watershed/fisheries restoration;
  • Brownfields remediation/redevelopment;
  • Catastrophe recovery;
  • Regenerative agriculture/ local food systems;
  • Creating public-private and/or regional partnerships;
  • Gentrification and other social issues.
  • Marketing, communications, and campaign support:
The Revitalization Hotline is not just a technical and decision-support service. As publisher of REVITALIZATION, Storm is on top of regeneration, resilience, and sustainability success stories from around the world. He can quickly find the examples and arguments you need to support your proposals.

  • Mayors can bolster their proposals to city councils;
  • City councils can bolster their proposals to all stakeholders;
  • Redevelopers can bolster their proposals to local governments;
  • Planning and economic development departments can bolster their proposals to the public;
  • Candidates can bolster their political campaigns (revitalization garners non-partisan support).
  • Not just for cities and regions:
Any organization looking to expand their operations into the fast-growing, multi-trillion-dollar/year global restoration economy can use the Revitalization Hotline:

  • Development banks;
  • Businesses (from startup to Fortune 500);
  • Foundations;
  • Non-profits & NGOs;
  • Professional associations.

When you’re a Revitalization Hotline subscriber, Storm will:

  • Join your conference calls;
  • Join your meetings via speakerphone or videoconference;
  • Provide you with one-on-one advice on critical decisions;
  • Research financial and technical resources and recommend specific experts.
  • Possibly write a Feature Article about your work in REVITALIZATION, or (maybe) tell your story in his next book.

Storm Vault-96dpiClick here to learn more about Storm Cunningham.

For less than $2400/year—a tiny fraction of the 6-digit salary you’d pay a full-time Revitalization Director—you get access to the expert that George Ochs, Managing Director of JP Morgan called “the world’s thought leader on community revitalization and natural resource restoration.”

Subscribe NOW to put Storm on your team. Don’t let your project fail for lack of this small investment.
You can subscribe via credit card or PayPal, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

  • Our Policies:
  • Scheduling Revitalization Hotline sessions is best, but Storm will respond to impromptu emergencies, if available.
  • You can quickly and easily cancel your subscription at any time by phone or email.
  • Unused time does not roll over.
  • The 25% discount you’re entitled to on Storm’s talks, workshops, and consulting can be passed on to the organization of your choice, such as a local community foundation or agency that’s hosting an event.
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