GUEST ARTICLE: A young Appalachian native comes home to help revitalize an economy devastated by the transition away from coal

The international “Trees In Cities Challenge” launches with four cities leading to way to urban-based global climate restoration

Michigan uses crowdfunding for a match campaign to repurpose & renew an abandoned inn into a senior center and public park

Bahamas Catastrophe Proves Stanford Study: Restoring natural defenses is best strategy to benefit people & boost coastal resilience

New Jersey gets serious about leveraging Opportunity Zones to revitalize 75 cities & towns: Launches OZ portal for investors

In Dapeng, China, a 130-kilometer stretch of typhoon-damaged coast will enjoy resilient revitalization via an innovative new strategy

With 100-year floods becoming annual for 680 million people in low-lying coastal cities & islands, the time to adapt or retreat is now

Conservancy’s $150 million project will build a new pool & skating rink to complete the 40-year restoration of Central Park’s north end

The Permanently-Affordable Housing Trend: New program for community revitalization without gentrification launches in 3 cities

In California, the Monterey Bay Aquarium puts orphans to work restoring ecosystems and sea otters of Elkhorn Slough estuary

5 international organizations launch ECCA30 initiative to restore our climate via 75 million acres of forest landscape restoration

Largest PACE Project in Michigan History: Hotel greens & repurposes an old building to revitalize and reconnect downtown Detroit

An innovative public-private partnership will renovate the run-down Rash Field Park on Baltimore’s revitalized Inner Harbor

Encore will repurpose more brownfield and landfill sites as renewable energy facilities with infusion of $1.8 million investment

A revitalizing new vision for The Hague would return ugly streets to the beautiful, historic 17th-Century canals they used to be

Revolutionary new UNEP app, developed in Mexico, is enabling people worldwide to reforest the planet using their phone

Precedent-setting $100 million settlement might open funding floodgates for Louisiana coastal restoration and storm resilience

Baltimore, Maryland awards $3.3 million in community revitalization grants to 25 projects and neighborhood organizations

Wells Fargo’s NeighborhoodLIFT program awards $600,000 to Los Angeles County nonprofits for revitalization efforts

ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) crowdfunds to boost urban and regional climate restoration investment worldwide

Conservationists and impact investors agree: Seaweed and shellfish farming can help restore our estuaries and oceans

Restoring the World is Nonpartisan: U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee approves Chesapeake Bay oyster restoration funding

Nine of the wealthiest, healthiest cities and counties in the United States band together as a region to make things even better

The sustainable redevelopment of a 178-acre riverfront brownfield in Pittsburgh is about to get a huge solar array on its roof

Innovative new website is launched by an international network of tropical forest restoration experts to advance practice

Climate Restoration Reality Check: Farmer-managed natural regeneration is a key to planting a trillion trees worldwide

69 towns all across the United Kingdom will share £95 million to revitalize their historic high streets & compete with online shopping

Low Carbon Innovation Centres are created in Vancouver, BC and Edmonton, AB with $44 million for climate crisis and green jobs

The 2019 Aga Khan Awards for Architecture go to historic revitalization and wetland restoration projects; will share $1 million

Reviving A Marvel of Green Engineering: Ecologically restoring Sri Lanka’s historic, 2400-year-old cascade systems

Public & private leaders worldwide champion Africa’s “Great Green Wall” to help restore climate, ecosystems and livelihoods together

A $700 million start: A new financial trend emerges with issuance of the world’s first dedicated climate resilience bond by the EBRD

Nature-Based Solutions – like mangrove restoration & green infrastructure – boost adaptation, resilience & climate restoration

Discover the native American tribe that ecologically restored a shoreline damaged by Hurricane Sandy on Long Island, New York

Renovation of historic 1931 Bayonne Bridge boosts economy, allows more-efficient ships and wins sustainable infrastructure award

$3.1 million awarded to ecological restoration and green infrastructure projects in Rhode Island and Massachusetts