GUEST ARTICLE: Fast-growing company earns its living using solar power to bring new life to undervalued properties like old landfills

In India, women’s role in community power structure is being boosted by grandmothers who are teaching climate-resilient farming

The Nose Knows: How restoring one native species can restore others, while helping to rid the ecosystem of invasive species

National Park Service gives $66.4 million in Historic Preservation Grants to help revitalize communities and tribes

With economic growth being increasingly concentrated in large cities, this state has an unusual idea for decentralizing the wealth

How to expand economic capacity without expanding the city, and do it in a way that preserves—even enhances—built heritage

15 New Jersey municipalities receive funding to reforest and restore their floodplains to enhance climate resilience & wildlife habitat

21 Ohio projects totaling $2.1 million restore 2480 acres of wetlands and grasslands, enhancing water quality and wildlife habitat

Green Infrastructure Isn’t Just For Cities: Farmers hit by climate catastrophes are building resilience by restoring nature

Former shipyards, being revitalized by housing for young people, are now an “edgy arts community with a post-apocalyptic vibe”

The £1.3 billion regeneration of Edinburgh, Scotland’s largest brownfields site, Granton Waterfront, creates a new zero-carbon town

An astounding recovery of native wildlife and vegetation has taken place on this island after removal of invasive goats and rats

Buffalo, New York’s revitalizing new “Race for Place” initiative will promote infill plus renewal of infrastructure & public spaces

$180 million project to restore the ecology and enhance public recreation of a levee has won a sustainable infrastructure award

A dirty 267.4-acre landfill—closed in 1993—is now being reborn to provide clean solar energy and economic benefits to this town

As some cities boost resilience by restoring urban forests, some leafy places lose theirs. This new forest credits program might help.

Deteriorated waterfront area—once the site of a 1992 exposition, and now a parking lot—is being restored and revitalized as a park

University and charity partner to revitalize downtown Richmond, Virginia with mixed-use health care facility redevelopment project

Beloved, historic Nashville Public Library is repurposed for architects & other creatives, helping to the revitalize downtown area

Mayor Durkan’s comprehensive approach to resilient prosperity in Seattle via affordable housing for low- and middle-income families

A Revitalizing Gift: In Michigan’s struggling, rural “thumb” region, Tuscola County receives a lovely land bank on Valentine’s Day

Community coalition launches an ambitious, 348-acre neighborhood revitalization, using local redevelopers to reduce displacement

When chosen strategically, some tree species accelerate and help ensure the success of reforestation efforts by feeding other trees

Clueless, self-defeating 2020 federal budget funds Great Lakes restoration (yay!) while increasing Great Lakes pollution (boo!)

Louisiana governor gives the state’s rural communities a Valentine’s Day present: A revitalization advisory council

Urban Heat Deaths: Planting trees creates more climate resilience when it revitalizes neighborhoods and brings people together

In central California, the worst fish-passage obstacle will finally come down to restore both salmon and floodplain habitat

Regenerative agriculture trend accelerates as the Soil Health Academy receives a $1.65 million educational grant from General Mills

A $3 million renovation for the HQ of an organization that revitalizes Atlanta by supporting African American entrepreneurs

Neighborhood revitalization and affordable housing in New Jersey advance with over $145 million from two federal investments

Research shows that epigenetic conditioning in corals can help accelerate restoration of reefs stressed by the climate crisis

Brussels to become the latest major city to revitalize its historic center by replacing car-space with mixed-use and green space

Resilient prosperity is based on the global restoration economy: New report documents the economic risks from nature destruction

Houston, Texas rolls out its 186-page “Resilient Houston” strategy, which also addresses neighborhood revitalization

Resilient Global Infrastructure Trend: Off-grid solar is a fast-growing $1.75 billion annual market serving 420 million users

Climate Restoration: The first-ever Global Standard for Nature-based Solutions has just been developed by IUCN