EDITORIAL – The good news: The “UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration” has published its strategy. The bad news: It’s not a strategy.

OECD issues their report on how to make a green recovery from COVID-19 produce the most jobs, income and economic growth

Vacant since 1998, Detroit’s historic 1925 Detroit Free Press building has been renovated as residences, and is now leasing

Tampa, Florida wins $24,000,000 to expand their beautiful Riverwalk to help revitalize the struggling west side of the city

Asheville, North Carolina has new Watershed Restoration Plan: restoring their urban tributaries to polluted river is the next step

Danone sponsors ALUS Canada’s regenerative agriculture project to restore 90 acres of wildlife habitat in three provinces

In Burlington, Vermont, a revitalizing new solar-powered YMCA rises on a redeveloped site that was vacant for a decade

Morro Bay National Estuary Program and California Department of Fish & Wildlife complete 20-year ecological restoration

The designers of a proposed revitalization of this old logistics port and ferry terminal intend to create a “regenerative city”

Louisiana Coastal Protection & Restoration Authority has been awarded $15 million to advance its adaptive management program

$8.73 million award will help farmers and ranchers ecologically restore the Prairie Pothole Region of Montana and the Dakotas

Here’s a truly restorative beer: it’s made from purified sewage, and its example could help regenerate water supplies worldwide

The revitalization of Toronto’s West End advances with a mixed-use flatiron building that celebrates the site’s industrial heritage

Canada & BC partner to invest $28.5 million in energy-efficient infrastructure to boost resilience and COVID-19 economic recovery

With stronger, more frequent hurricanes, Democrats & Republicans boost resilience via the “Strengthening Coastal Communities Act”

Revitalizing places by reducing cars: Downtown parking garage being replaced by green, transit-oriented office building

Irish islands are smiling as they get €370,000 for resilience to climate-related sea level rise and storms via infrastructure renewal

Canadian project to turn downtown parking lot into neighborhood with library & urban agriculture wins green certification

Old 12-acre factory site to become a new, green mixed-use neighborhood with over 750 homes + school & hotel, creating 2261 jobs

Scattered-site redevelopment to revitalize historic Rochester neighborhood with 75 affordable & supportive homes + green space

70 projects in 44 U.S. states receive $1 billion to renew roads, bridges, transit, rail, ports & intermodal transportation infrastructure

Australia’s future “Silicon Valley” will have a “hybrid timber” tower, and will rise in the “air space” above a downtown train station

Infrastructure resilience and community revitalization projects win $112 million to advance Michigan’s economic recovery

Hunters rendered Britain’s beavers extinct 400 years ago, but now—after a 5-year reintroduction experiment—they’re back

Architects design a new building that complements the industrial and rail heritage of this regenerating urban creative quarter

Green Climate Fund stimulates green, resilient COVID-19 economic recovery in over 100 nations with $878.8 million in new funds

University of California researchers win $380,000 from Sea Grant to develop effective strategies for kelp forest restoration

The “Rebuild Reopen Revive Initiative” helps rural and urban women-led businesses recover from COVID-19 economic crisis

New research shows that a £5.5 billion fund is needed to boost the UK’s green economic recovery & it could have a dramatic 27:1 ROI

10 Michigan freshwater restoration projects win $5 million to regenerate lakes and streams via watershed management plans