Cargill to boost soil restoration, rural revitalization & carbon sequestration via regenerative agriculture on 10 million acres

Nestle commits $1.3 billion to restore natural resources and revitalize farming communities via regenerative agriculture

$46.4 million for 57 projects will leverage $519.5 million to economically revitalize coal communities in 184 Appalachian counties

Charleston, South Carolina leaders and residents celebrate the start of ecological restoration on their much-loved Crab Bank

Iowa has over 300 abandoned coal mines. This one won national award for environmental remediation and restoration success.

Beautiful residential redevelopment project hopes to sustainably revitalize a historic industrial district in this city’s urban core

Regeneration of historic factory building creates integrated mixed-use neighborhood to green & revitalize urban industrial area

National Science Foundation’s Coastlines and People Program gives $29 million in new resilience research grants across America

For the first time in its history, Vermont has allocated state funding ($25 million) to remediate and revitalize brownfield sites

Part of accelerating national trend, historic hotel in Washington, DC will be repurposed & renewed as luxury residences for seniors

Repurpose, Renew & Reconnect in order to Revitalize: Pittsburgh gets new funding to expand their 1200-acre greenways network

This state just launched a $50 million capital program to boost investments that revitalize commercial corridors and main street areas

8 projects win $10 million to economically revitalize communities by repurposing and renewing abandoned coal mining sites

A depressing, 50-year-old brutalist residential complex has been revitalized with light and color in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Redevelopment of historic, post-industrial waterfront brownfield site creates a 4.5-acre public park plus affordable housing

Using regenerative agriculture, farmers are bringing contaminated soils back to life and productivity in an iron mining region

University of Southern Mississippi professor wins $127,065 from NOAA’s RESTORE Science Program to ecologically restore islands

University architecture students help to revitalize an Indiana neighborhood that was devitalized by urban planners 80 years ago

Huge new office complex next to a historic 1883 horse track to bring abandoned factory district in heart of city back to productivity

U.S. governor calls for 10 gigawatts of solar with 6000 jobs + 2 green power projects to generate another $8.2 billion in investments

41 projects in Delaware River watershed win $11.5 million to restore wildlife habitat, clean polluted waters and boost resilience

Pittsburgh’s largest redevelopment project—revitalizing long-struggling Lower Hill neighborhood—puts $7.1 million in the bank

After massive flood damage from Hurricane Ida, this state now takes resilience seriously, giving $600 million in grants to communities

Schenectady revitalizes a neighborhood by transforming a long-vacant, historic 1913 school to $20 million of affordable housing

A Republican senator starts taking climate threats seriously, funding the “Coastal Texas Protection and Restoration Feasibility Study”

The beautiful redesign and revitalization of this historic downtown space preserved its iconic trees while renovating public transit

Canadian solar firm will repurpose and renovate abandoned IBM factory, replacing lost jobs and revitalizing an American village

This massive, 30-year rewilding initiative will connect Scottish Highlands restoration projects into one vast nature recovery area

Transit-oriented “ArtWalk” to revitalize this Canadian city’s downtown, turning an ugly parking lot into a mixed-use neighborhood

An ugly, decaying parking structure is being transformed into a gorgeous public park and mixed-use to reconnect and revitalize city