GUEST ARTICLE — The surprising recovery of Atlantic sturgeon in Chesapeake Bay: They’re not the “ghosts” I once thought they were

After worst weather-related devastation in area’s history, university gets $1.4 million to research and teach climate adaptation

Guess which state is now handing out $41 million in the second round of their Main Street Economic Revitalization Program?

Support builds for bipartisan “Recovering America’s Wildlife Act”: $1.3 billion annually to help restore nation’s threatened species

Guess which nation just provided $14.27 million to restore biodiversity, revitalize local economies & boost climate resilience?

1000 farms across America being recruited by the largest-ever scientific study of agroecology and regenerative agriculture

Two Long Island communities win $10 million each to revitalize historic downtowns and make them more economically resilient

$586,100 in grants to revitalize Aboriginal communities by growing businesses related to ecological restoration & carbon farming

In Illinois, city wins $1.2 million to revitalize a distressed downtown business community in the wake of violent civil protests

Distressed U.S. cities are tapping $350 billion pandemic aid package to fund local blight demolition and urban revitalization

RESTORATION ECONOMY: In Florida, the Everglades ecosystem restoration project gets a historic $1.1 billion funding boost

Louisiana wins $2.6 billion to boost coastal climate resilience, restore wetland ecosystems and reduce community flooding

Community in Maine is about to get 120 new jobs as financing is obtained to repurpose and rejuvenate a defunct paper mill

A California county reduces homelessness with innovative projects, like repurposing a defunct motel into affordable housing

44-acre industrial brownfield—derelict for two decades—is being brought back to life as an enterprise park, creating 1000 jobs

Landscape architecture students in Kentucky are helping to revitalize historic 38-acre African American property built in 1871

Global restoration and resilience firm moves to “Water Campus” to revitalize downtown Baton Rouge and connect employees to river

Watershed restoration, climate resilience, reforestation & community reconstruction all across America get a $1.36 billion boost

Abu Dhabi’s “Blue Carbon” mangrove restoration and coastal resilience program is now using drones to plant seedlings

Puerto Rico finally gets the resilience, restoration and recovery help it should have had five years ago, after Hurricane Maria

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation announces $1.66 billion to renovate crumbling water infrastructure in America’s western states

Bipartisan “National Climate Adaptation and Resilience Strategy Act” streamlines federal responses to weather-related disasters

“Rebuild Distressed Communities” program to revitalize struggling Illinois neighborhoods and a commercial corridor with $2.7 million

These four “Champions of the Earth” have been selected by UNEP for their contributions to restoring ecosystems worldwide

Recovering From A Tragedy: $13.7 million from CITGO oil spill fines will now restore 400 acres of marsh ecosystem in Louisiana

Revitalizing Rail: Renovation of 115-year-old infrastructure is largest reconstruction project in Chicago Transit Authority history

State allocates $3 billion for infrastructure projects that reconnect & revitalize minority neighborhoods damaged by urban planners

Green, high-tech, high-quality affordable workforce housing can be delivered by private redevelopers in America. Here’s proof.

RESTORATION ECONOMY: Green retrofits for buildings is a huge growth industry, and a $13 billion Canadian firm just accelerated it

RESTORATION ECONOMY: In which nation do 80% of the adults support the restoration of health, wealth and beauty via rewilding?