Join Storm Cunningham for a revitalizing Cuban bamboo adventure – June 21-28, 2017

GUEST ARTICLE: Revitalizing the Local Food System in America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital

Watershed program has created 60,000 jobs and restored 8500 hectares in Rwanda

Coral reef recovers from bleaching after commercial fishing and shipping banned

Man turns $20,000 environmental justice grant into $270 million city revitalization

Hoboken, New Jersey mayor wants to boost disaster resilience via energy micro-grid

Locally-extinct for 50 years, water voles are reintroduced to Yorkshire, England

India launches reforestation program for Western Ghats mountain range

$19M grant will cap dumb urban highway to reconnect and revitalize Pittsburgh

Panama is restoring 2 acres of forest for every acre destroyed by canal expansion

Daylighting Honolulu’s buried streams could help revitalize neighborhoods

Walkable, 90-acre, mixed-use redevelopment coming to abandoned Wisconsin paper mill

University of Kentucky gets $1.46 million grant to revitalize coal communities

Innovative partnership turns greyfield into childrens’ center in Falls Church, Virginia

3 non-profits partner to revitalize shabby square in East Providence, Rhode Island

Another of America’s thousands of useless, river-killing dams comes down

Texas city celebrates renovated park; part of neighborhood revitalization program

New Zealand school, farmers & community partner to restore local wetlands

Scottish heritage restoration experts will help rebuild war-torn Syrian cities

Obama’s “Cool & Connected” to revitalize ten Appalachian towns with broadband

Regeneration of canal to reconnect and revitalize Glasgow via 500 residences

UN, Japan & China to help Myanmar restore ancient pagodas & stupas after earthquake

Shanghai is greening, pedestrianizing, and reconnecting its revitalized riverfront

What happens when a state does a bad job of redeveloping a Superfund site?

Failed by developers, Minneapolis citizens create a neighborhood revitalization co-op

New Zealand city replacing tree plantation with native forest to restore water quality

Bat Yam, Israel to renew decrepit housing, replacing 168 old units with 950 new homes

More vertical density + more vertical green space = A revitalized urban future

Pittsburgh’s plan to beautify depressed neighborhoods while boosting employment

Asbury Park, NJ revitalization based on being saved from urban planning mistakes

Glasgow neighborhood to revitalize with £4.7 million affordable housing project

$10 million restoration of 1911 feed store to help revitalize Old Town Fort Collins, CO

Oregon teacher wins Presidential award for classes on turning brownfields green

Resilience via Relocation? Climate change forces tough decision for native Alaskans

Restorative justice takes children out of the school–to–prison pipeline

Artistic entrepreneur discovers that timing is everything in urban revitalization

Federal partnership restoring historic Army fort in Vancouver, Washington

$120 million mixed-use towers to revitalize & transform downtown Billings, Montana

Malden, Massachusett’s new mixed-use City Hall to reconnect and revitalize downtown

Downtown Jamaica, Queens, NYC wins $10 million for revitalization from governor

Mixed-use redevelopment of toxic 1880 steel foundry to revitalize 89 acres of Columbus

Antipodes Island (New Zealand) ecological restoration effort completed early

$150 million revitalization coming to five NYC parks in under-served neighborhoods

£2 billion regeneration of Elephant & Castle creating 6000 jobs for deprived Londoners

New road catalyzes $2 billion mixed-use redevelopment of old 1400-acre Navy base

Restoration expands and reconnects National Tallgrass Prairie in Illinois