GUEST ARTICLE: Water concerns are triggering new redevelopment, renovation and restoration projects all across America

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Maryland communities win $2 million for 12 resilience projects to help prepare for, and recover from, climate-related disasters

Restorative Cheerios? $2.2 million non-profit partnership advances regenerative agriculture in two Canadian provinces

$424 million for Michigan redevelopment & revitalization projects approved, including rebirth of old American Motor headquarters

Bipartisan Restoration Economy: Republican state senator in Michigan wins $1.8 million to ecologically restore a natural area

28 of America’s most important estuaries get $132 million for ecological restoration, equitable revitalization & climate resilience

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Reinvesting In Shoreline Economies and Ecosystems Act: This bipartisan bill boosts funding for U.S. coastal climate resilience

Two Texas communities win $3.6 million to revitalize by renewing infrastructure and redeveloping contaminated industrial sites

Cooling cities for climate resilience & better quality of life: NYC repurposes & connects properties into extensive greenway system

The Army Corps of Engineers has restored fish passage on a river in Montana while serving needs of farmers and ranchers

$95 million investment in 19 new & continuing initiatives will help restore U.S Pacific Coast salmon and steelhead populations

Here are five dedicated young women who are restoring nature, regenerating farms and revitalizing communities around the world

Rewilding: Denver Zoo releases 570 tadpoles into Colorado wetlands to help restore endangered native boreal toads

Following last year’s worst-ever weather disasters, British Columbia gets $870 million to build regional climate resilience

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A mile of rail land, derelict for 65 years, to become a public greenway, part of a new 10-mile trail connecting two New Jersey cities